Mary B. A child murdered alone:
The kidnapping and murder of 9-year-old Mary Beatrice Perez didn't focus the nation's stunned gaze on San AntonioNo national talk shows or investigative reports surrounding her disappearance or the discovery of her body.

Even in San Antonio where the throes of attention surrounded 'Fiesta' Only a handful of people joined the Heidi Search Center in the search for her.  Her picture was not plastered on the front page of the local paper, but the news was buried in the Metro section of our paper.
Every day a child is murdered without national attention in this country. The bodies of a girl, 3, and her 2 year-old brother were found in a creek in Central Texas.  Do we know their names?

Yet it's the spectacular mass murder of children in school            shootings that stops the nation in its tracks and forces it  into days of searching for answers.

The murder of Mary B., last seen alive in Market Square the night of April 18, should diminish the nation as much as the massacre of a dozen students and a teacher in Littleton, Colo.

The murdered children of Littleton will be remembered long after the murdered child of San Antonio is forgotten.  A memorial will be built for them, but not for the murdered child/children in San Antonio.  No on line ribbons will grace pages to remember Mary B. -- just this little page tucked away among millions. 

 They die alone.

As America lost so much in a high school in Colorado, we lost much  in San Antonio. Her name was Mary Beatrice Perez.  She has joined the names of so many other children in small white caskets long forgotten.

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